“Does my business need voice control?”

  • Published on 11/07/2018
  • by Relidy Marketing

Back in December 2107, Amazon unveiled ‘Alexa for business’.
Since then many businesses have been looking for answers, “Does my business need voice control?”.

We’ve all seen how the Amazon Echo has revolutionized how we live at home. It’s a device that brings a new level of easy functionality to the home: ordering groceries, organizing calendars, ordering pizzas, flowers, and listening to music. And that’s just a start!

But what are the benefits of voice control in your business? Our homes are now on their way to being fully voice controlled, but most businesses are way short of this high-tech way of operating. For many businesses, stepping ahead with technology is often put off as long as possible.

The thing is, businesses should always be on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and operation. It’s well worth checking out how different areas of your business can benefit from the addition of devices like Amazon Echo. This blog only mentions a few of these devices, but the list will only continue to grow! By upgrading your office and its equipment, you will be putting your business on a pathway to improving ease of operation of your business with voice control.

Now, commands like “Alexa, start my meeting” will trigger a new web conference or bring up a presentation for display in a conference room. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some areas worth investing in for a future-ready, voice controllable business:

Meeting productivity is one of the largest factors in looking at areas where businesses waste money and time. One of the most exciting prospects of having Alexa in meetings is the efficiency and convenience that voice control provides. There are many products in development specifically designed for meeting spaces that will see this put to action.

A great example is Optoma’s new Alexa-enabled home theater projector. It’s only a matter of time before many virtually assisted projectors are available for business use, joining the other voice controlled products designed for use in meetings that are available. IBM and Ricoh announced the release of their interactive whiteboards that are integrated with intelligence and voice technologies. Cisco has launched their Cisco Spark Assistant website, which it says is “the world’s first enterprise-ready voice assistant specifically designed for meetings.”

Crestron has also joined the trend by announcing that Crestron systems are now fully compatible with the latest Alexa capabilities called Alexa for Business. Now, commands like “Alexa, start my meeting” will trigger a new web conference or bring up a presentation for display in a conference room. The possibilities are endless.

Window PCs.
Amazon has now released an Alexa Windows 10 app. And HP, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo are all releasing computers this year with Intel’s Smart Sound technology for far-field voice recognition. This amazing technology will provide better support for virtual assistant voice commands for Alexa as well as Microsoft’s competing assistant called Cortana. Having a desktop PC or laptop with voice command capability opens up many opportunities for more productivity.

Security systems are also seeing voice control become a part of their feature set. And locks are getting smarter too! Almost all major lock companies—including a few startups—are getting involved. Smart locks can sense your presence (through your smartphone) and unlock automatically. They can even issue temporary digital keys to anyone you’d like to allow temporary entrance into your home. And newer systems such as the August Smart Lock (2nd Gen), Scout Alarm, Netgear Arlo Security Cameras, and Ring Doorbells have been developed for residential use. It’s an easy jump to enable and apply these products and benefits to use in your business.

Don’t Wait To Upgrade Your Business
With just a couple of upgrades, your business productivity will make some major steps forward. These systems are all designed to help you save time. Multiplied over your entire staff, the benefits to a company’s efficiency are powerful. They are designed to be readily supported and remain a part of your business for many years to come. Voice control is definitely the way of the future; at home and at work.

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