There’s More Than Meets the Eye (a closer look at Home Automation)

  • Published on 02/06/2018
  • by Stuart George

Home automation is no longer just a “buzzy” phrase that the media brings up a couple times a year. Thanks to the many systems on the market these days, home automation is a full-blown trend!

At Look & Listen, we pay close attention to all the different systems and we evaluate their different advantages. Our customers are the focus. By thoroughly understanding these systems, we are able to deliver exactly the home automation system that our customer’s envision.

Our customer is our focus. By thoroughly understanding these systems, we are able to deliver exactly the home automation system that our customer envisions.

Crestron is the system we recommend most often because of their proven reliability and flexibility of operation. Universally considered one of the best on the market, Crestron systems allow easy access and control of to almost any subsystem from a single interface.

We think a good home automation system should:

  • Blend in so you’re not aware of its presence, only its convenience
  • Be totally discreet and focus on simplifying your life through technology, not complicate it further
  • When designing a living space for people to relax and truly live in, designs that work best are designed with functionality in mind.
  • Integrate with all of your existing systems such as your television, blu-ray player, stereo system, media player and security system.
  • This is why we have chosen to work with Crestron, because it seamlessly becomes part the lives of those who use them.

In the early days of the Home Automation phenomenon, early adopters looked at these systems more for entertainment and it seemed they were primarily for folks with too much money.

  • Today’s marketplace truly appreciates properly designed home automation systems because they deliver many real benefits:
  • Increased safety at home and away
  • Fingertip control of all low voltage systems – security, audio, video, AC, heat, shades, drapes, etc., etc.
  • Better control of energy usage
  • Home Automation also enables the disabled to have more control over the living environments

Crestron systems all over the world have accomplished these deliverables over and over again. Crestron’s user-friendly touch screen interface allows for easy usability without detracting from the design of the home. They seamlessly blend technology into the design of the home, while at the same time provide enhanced convenience, security and energy savings as well.

For all these reasons and more, the “fascinating new technology” of Home Automation is now firmly entrenched and a proven compliment to the modern home. Crestron has taken the concept of home automation, and created robust yet easy-to-use systems that often become the favorite part of their client’s homes.

If you’re looking for a truly tailored one-of-a-kind home automation experience, look no further than Look & Listen.  Contact us today for a free consultation.