BMS in Brisbane


The possibilities are endless with our state-of-the-art BMS
Building management system is the foundation of modern energy efficiency. Being intelligent about how you consume energy and utilise automation technology is a win-win for you and the environment.

Look & Listen adds value to your project by installing intelligent building management systems – designed to optimise your environment’s energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

Smart Living Just Got Smarter

The smart, world-class technology built into our building management systems in Brisbane integrate your lighting, HVAC, security and protection systems, flood sensors, water tank monitoring and pool integration. This gives you all the information you need – all from a single, robust platform. You’ll also learn about the intricacies of all existing systems and make smarter decisions regarding energy usage.
We integrate the latest energy management and automation technology to track and monitor energy consumption, minimise carbon footprint and most of all, make a significant impact to your bottom line.

Whether your project is an existing or new commercial high rise, a shopping centre or any private or public premises, we develop our integrated systems based on your requirements. All components are integrated by our skilled technicians, who are on-hand to provide further peace of mind with aftercare support.

With our smart building management systems, you will be rewarded with significant financial and environmental rewards.

For intelligent BMS installation in Brisbane, South East Queensland or anywhere in Australia choose Look & Listen, where the solutions are robust, first-rate and impeccably bespoke. If your project is outside the country, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, so we can discuss your requirements.

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Our team has unmatched industry knowledge with over 10 years experience in designing and installing integrated systems for a variety of high-end commercial and residential projects.

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A thorough consultation process creates a defined vision of how our building management systems can support the goals of your project, be it national or international. We will explore many possibilities, taking into account both your current and future needs.

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