Energy Monitoring & Management

In the contemporary age, energy efficient living is a highly contested subject that is commonly misunderstood. Effectively implementing sustainable energy measures in home and business spaces requires far more complex measures than harvesting daylight and dimming light levels. The latter only plays a small piece among a sophisticated puzzle.

In order to achieve meaningful reductions in energy usage and utility output, all systems must be solely integrated on a single, intelligent management platform. Energy management and automation systems implemented through home or business spaces provide the technical means to minimise energy output and optimise utility exertion.

Our configurations are capable of analysing energy consumption; turning lights on or off; set actions for when a room is occupied; adjust heating/cooling set points; edit demand response settings and more – all from one device.

The ability to both manage and monitor your energy consumption empowers you with a true solution to understanding the intricacies of how you’re using your energy, and where changes can be made to reduce your consumption and subsequent carbon production.