Home cinema is an immersive experience. Done well, it builds an audio-visualworld that transports you from this reality to the next. Look & Listen has the expertise to design and install a home theatre that will do just that – at the touch of a button.

If you want to achieve the best in style, luxury and performance, you will find it in our home theatre installations in Brisbane, South East Queensland.We’ve designed our systems to match the way you live, just the way you like it, whether you’re in Australia or overseas.

Bespoke and Designed Seamlessly for Your Home

The application of integrated technology really comes into its own when applied to our bespoke home cinema designs.

Achieving an immersive cinematic experience relies on the control of the cinema environment, just as much as the quality of the audio and video application.

At Look & Listen, our THX certified cinema designs are executed to provide our clients with cinemas that represent the intended sound and picture quality.   Our focus to deliver this is on aspects such as acoustics, seating positions, furniture and room design and placement.

Control over the environment can bring the cinematic experience to the next level. Pushing one button to play a movie can trigger the automation of sound, lighting, curtains and temperature which all contribute to a realistic cinema experience.

Let’s Start Planning

The first step in your home cinema project is planning. We help you think about all the possibilities, both for your current and future needs.

A consultation process draws a clear picture of how our technologies can enforce the goals of your project.

Schedule an appointment to get started. You may use our online form or call us on 1300 765 322.