Smart Lighting Control Systems in Brisbane

Our automated intelligent lighting control systems in Brisbane are setup to conveniently control the lighting circuits throughout your home or business, either by dimming or switching the associated loads. It provides the benefit of creating lighting scenes to enhance the mood. By using motion sensors instead of wall switches, this can gain energy efficiency. Fans, motorised curtains and motorised blinds are also controlled as part of this system.

To create greater flexibility when creating lighting scenes, dimming modules can be implemented. The ability to create scenes with your lighting system can help manage your power consumption. Some examples of possible lighting scenes are a welcome scene, a morning scene, a movie scene, a party scene or a goodnight scene. A welcome scene is when a single button is pressed on a keypad located near the front entry. This will bring on path lighting from the main entry through to your main living areas, such as the living room or kitchen.

When the alarm system is armed all the lights can be programmed to turn off and, if the alarm is triggered, all of the lights can be programmed to turn on and flash throughout the house at full brightness. When watching a movie in the living room, by pressing play on your remote control or iPad, the lights can slowly dim down to off, and if you then press pause or stop, during the movie, the lights will again return to around 50% brightness so you can navigate your way in and out of the room. These little touches add value to your everyday interactions with your home, and we believe this makes a lighting control system one of the best parts of home automation.

For more information on our lighting services, contact us today. Our services aren’t only for Brisbane, South East Queensland and the surrounding areas, but are also for national and international clients.