Best Integrated Home 2016

Awarded 2016 CEDIA Asia Pacific and Global Best Integrated Home, this fully integrated home including, lighting, wired and wireless networking, shutter, blind, louver, audio, video, security, intercom, biometric access, CCTV, fountain, climate control and more.

The client’s brief was to create a home that “lives” the way his family does. He envisioned a unique, comfortable and secure environment for all family members to gather and enjoy.

As a central hub for his daughters, nephews, nieces, wife and mother, we were to ensure the system was easy to use for all whilst fully catering for every individual control aspect and user requirement.

High on the client’s list was security, the client wanted to ensure that all family members and guests had easy and simple keyless access to the property at all times.

Comfort and sustainability was also a high requirement.  One of the goals with the architectural design of this unique property was to ensure that passages and pathways were created all the way through the building, from ground floor to loft.  This was to create natural convectional cooling in an effort to reduce the need to switch on the air conditioning system.   To achieve this, the architect’s concept and brief was to have the electronic motorised louvers automated along with the HVAC system, the idea was to have these two cooling method intertwined to co-exist and complement each other.  This has turned out to be one of the key successful aspects of this high end project.

High quality matching aesthetics such as custom power points, together with technologies to enhance the property’s low maintenance qualities, were no less important to the overall functionality requirements. Careful planning of every aspect became absolutely crucial to achieving the levels expected.