Best Multiple Dwelling Unit Design Asia Pacific 2018

Our Vuze Luxury Condos project in Cleveland was awarded Best Multiple Dwelling Unit Design at the 2018 CEDIA awards.

Comfort, security and ease of use were the main objectives for this project with a minimalist approach to appease the aesthetics and appeal to the target demographic.  As the condominium sales were targeted at the retiring generation, ease of use was essential.

The developer was also keen to set this project apart from his competitors by delivering smart solutions not before seen in local MDU developments.

We set out to deliver upon the brief by providing keypads to the easiest of use and identification by using back lit and backwashed engravings to help identify keypad locations at night.  Our aim was to deliver access and security that delivered efficient operation throughout the complex and a level of comfort to prospective buyers.

Additionally, we set out to integrate and control all features available within the condos to work on one system.  All of the systems were combined and programmed to work using lighting keypads, wall mount and table top touch panels.  We included added benefits such as the ability to control everything from the touch panels in bed, or even calling internally between floors which ensured the ease of use objective was able to be exceeded.